Japanese language school in Japan is recruiting a staff member posted in Sri Lanka

*Our school is in Sendai city located approximately 300km to the north of Tokyo. (It is only one and a half hours by bullet train (Tohoku Shinkansen line) from Tokyo.) 

*Ever since our school opened in April 1993, students of our school are issued student visa almost ensure.

Recruitment Information

▼Working duties…

① To introduce and explain about our school to applicants for admission.

② To interpret between applicants for admission and the school principal during the interview.

③ To prepare necessary documents for applying for Certification of Eligibility to Immigration Bureau of Japan.  …etc.

▼Monthly salary…About 110,000LKR ~…~          ▼Working place…In Sri Lanka(Work from home)

▼Person who has N2 (JLPT) or higher.                         ▼Regardless age or gender.

◎Application method…Please mail us your resume with your photo attached. Write your e-mail address and Skype ID in the e-mail.

✉E-mail : secj_t0311@yahoo.co.jp  Skype: secjspk

◎The School will contact those who meet our requirements and they will be interviewed via Skype/Facebook.

<Characteristics of our school>

★The students of our school are issued a student visa ensure by the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Embassies or Consulates of Japan in every country.

★Our school currently has around 300 Vietnamese and 100 Chinese students. We now plan to accept students from Sri Lanka

★Students can thoroughly polish their Japanese language skills by getting best quality Japanese language education in our school.

★Students have excellent living and learning environment because Sendai is a city with low cost of living and is blessed with natural beauty.



Address:4-3-12 Chuou, Aoba-ku, Sendai Miyagi, JAPAN 980-0021

TEL:+81-22-221-3211  / FAX:+81-22-221-2545

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mirainomori4312                               Skype: secjspk