You can refer to our detailed tuition fees from A ~ Z here. At first glance, you will probably feel that the total amount of tuition fee will be more compared to other schools, but these are all the things that you should pay in the process of studying abroad, which the school pays on your behalf, especially for example the amount of national health insurance, which is the insurance that most people living in Japan have to pay. But because some students do not voluntarily pay, so the school collected in advance to pay instead of students. Some schools will let students pay their own insurance and a variety of other fees, so the initial amount of fees, will be very low, to attract more students with seemingly cheap tuition fees, but in fact, when you go to Japan, you still have to pay those sums of money (insurances), if you put them all together you will notice that the total amount of money you covered in Japan is almost equivalent to those of details that we listed below. Or there are those who are tricked, like, at first, they will tell you the amount of tuition, but the extra fees are not disclosed at the beginning, and when they have COE status of residence, then they will know, how much do they really need to pay?  After all information is known to them, some students even decide to cancel their admission despite their COE being generated because they did not know the actual school fees earlier. With our school, we are committed to letting students know from the beginning how much they need to prepare from A ~ Z for the cost of studying abroad. Let them have a plan to prepare for their expenses, and be assured of their studies. In particular, our school does not encourage students to borrow money to study abroad, so they come here easily to neglect their studies, then work hard to make money to pay off the debt. This is absolutely not recommended.