Sky, the oceans and our dreams

Sky, the oceans and our dreams,
What lies beyond that sky?

Robust thoughts on a hopeless night
Only a true heart can move everything
A prayer on a hopeful morning
Remembering the country’s rivers and mountains
And the smile of parents,
I depart for the brilliant blue sky

The vibrant trees beyond the shining oceans

The town of greenery that nurtured me
Yesterday’s tears became the smile of today
Learn from friends and words from parents
Remember, a dream that only you can do
Drawn that day in the ultramarine blue sea

Seat of honor sparkling beyond the earth

The city of hope that was waiting for me
The snow that fluttered quietly taught me about
The courage to open the vast wilderness
Surely one day, let’s make those dreams bloom
That shape our tomorrow

The lyrics for our school’s above “Love Song” were penned down on the first day of 2010. When we asked our current students their “favorite words”, the word “dream”, which was the most common, was used as a central idea. The first of the lyrics says, “Only true heart (genuine feelings) can move everything.” This is a thing that many people who have entered our school have realized.

What is important is to be truthful not only in form but also from the heart. And I think it is that which makes impossible possible and turns dreams into reality. It is because “dream” is not somewhere far away, but inside one’s “heart”.

Let us see you taking the first step towards your dream of studying in Japan at our school in Sendai!

Sendai is the largest city in the Tohoku region north of Tokyo. The environment of Sendai is outstanding.  This city which is in harmony with nature symbolizes the future of the environment. Furthermore, it is really suitable for those who want to pursue their higher studies. It is also a comfortable city where there is fragrance of culture, prices are low and it is easy to live. It is also a wonderful local city where traditional Japanese culture thrives.

This Sendai school is waiting for you. And many teachers are eager to teach you. We want to support you with all our hearts so that you realize your dreams