Our Mirai No Mori Japanese Language School is a prestigious Japanese school and has a high pass rate of COE, not just in Sendai but all of Japan. Not only that, the school has been assessed by the Immigration Bureau as a model school. We believe and always strive to become one of the reliable study abroad destination for all students who dream of studying in Japan.

The reason why our school has such a high COE grant rate is because we have a practice of directing students to prepare documents that are true to the facts directly and we do not go through intermediary organizations. We also do not rely on overseas study brokers. And we have a belief that truth always wins.

And, even if the student passed our interview, during the process of preparing the application is not serious, or providing false information in reality, we can refuse to continue preparing documents for the student, or even have it submitted to the Immigration Bureau, if the record has false information, we will ask to cancel and withdraw the student’s record. That means we know for sure which cases will qualify for residency (COE), and will only accept students we believe will pass, so that’s why Our rate of residence status (COE) has always been 100% for many years now.

Our school, there are about 120 students every year, all of whom are Vietnamese students who have not been granted COE for 1 ~ 3 times, almost 100% are granted COE by the Immigration Department of Japan.

In addition, there are students who have previously come to Japan as trainees who have returned home, about 60 of them every year, with our school almost 100% granted the COE.

1. Have saved money for studying abroad over USD 15,000
2. Have a genuine certificate of bank balance.
3. The savings can be explained properly.
4. Should be able to explain properly the false details in the documents submitted before (COE rejected before)
5. Wishing to study at a 4-year university or graduate school in Japan
6. For those who wish to work after graduation from school, they must tell the school frankly in the interview, the school will consider.
Our school will directly interview students who wish to enrol via the Internet
The school will directly guide the student to file documents, so recommendations from Overseas Study Companies, Brokers, or Intermediary Organizations will be rejected. We only accept counselling, answer questions for students wishing to enroll, and apply for their own applications.
▶ October enrolment period, open until June 30, 2020